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Agile Planning for Software Products Peer-graded Assignment Solution

Get All Weeks Agile Planning for Software Products Peer-graded Assignment Solution

This course covers the techniques required to break down and map requirements into plans that will ultimately drive software production.

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to: – Create effective plans for software development – Map user requirements to developer tasks – Assess and plan for project risks – Apply velocity-driven planning techniques – Generate work estimates for software products.

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Peer-graded Assignment: Module 1: Work Breakdown Structure (Graded) Solution

In this assignment, we want you to create a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) for an online shopping website.

On this website, customers would be able to browse and search products. They are able to add products to a shopping cart and purchase items in the shopping cart. There are advertisements on the website which are purchased by external companies to advertise their product or service. These appear down the side of the website. There are also banners that display deals or discounts to the shopper. These appear front and centre, and only display deals for the online shopping website.

Create a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) for this product that is at least three (3) tiers. Make sure that work products on the WBS are broken down to appropriate sizes. Include all the features described above. You may also add other features or work products that you feel would be relevant to the product.

You may use any program to create your work breakdown structure, or you may choose to draw it by hand.

Please upload your image as a PDF, JPEG, or PNG file type.

Peer-graded Assignment: Module 2: Release Planning (Graded) Solution

This assignment will challenge you to organize a set of user stories into a series of sprints that will comprise a release plan for personal development software product:

Your experienced development team is taking on a new project—creating a health monitoring application that will allow athletes and their coaches to track various aspects of their health.

Athletes will be able to:

  • track the meals they eat,
  • their water consumption,
  • their physical activity,
  • their goals, and
  • their weight

Coaches will be able to view the information that their athletes enter.

The user will enter personal information such as:

  • height,
  • current weight, and
  • target weight.

Identify at least 10 dependencies and then generate a release plan with four sprints based on the prioritized release backlog. You may place any unassigned user stories in a backlog.

For the past two projects, this development team has completed 20 story points per sprint. Use this value as the maximum amount of story points per sprint.

Organize the following 25 user stories into a release plan featuring four sprints.

Submit your finished work as a PDF document.

Peer-graded Assignment: Module 3: CPM Chart (Graded) Solution

In this assignment, take the following work breakdown structure and organize it into a CPM Chart.

The estimated time, is measured in days, and they appear in the boxes in the bottom right corner of each task.

For the purpose of having dependencies, the design for a feature must be complete before programming for that feature can occur. The feature design must also be complete before the user manual can be written for that feature. You must program the home page, before you program the search bar. The programming for the search bar and homepage does not need to be completed before you connect the database to the application (these can be done in parallel). The programming for a feature must be complete AND the database must be connected to the application before you can execute acceptance tests.

The programming for the database must be complete before you can connect the database to the application. You can test the database after the database is connected to the application.

For simplicity, you can combine all the acceptance tests tasks to one line named “Execute Acceptance Tests on All Pages” that takes 1 day to complete.

You can create the CPM Chart for the product using any program that you wish. You may also choose to draw the CPM Chart by hand.

Upload your finished CPM Chart to Coursera. Please submit your CPM Chart as a JPEG, PNG, or PDF file type.


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