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Business English: Planning & Negotiating Peer-graded Assignment Solutions

Get All Business English: Planning & Negotiating Peer-graded Assignment Solutions

in this course, the context is hosting an event and finding an appropriate venue for it. You will learn language and strategies for successful negotiations culminating in a written announcement for an event.

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Peer-graded Assignment: Record and Review Voicemail Message Solution

Leaving a Voicemail

You are planning an event for your company. Call Emily Hamilton and leave her a message. Think about this information before you record your message:

  • What kind of event is it?
  • When will the event be?
  • Is there a deadline for her to call you back?

Record a Voicemail Message

  1. Prepare notes for a voicemail message. If you have a Windows computer, here are directions: If you have an Apple computer or Quicktime, use these directions:
  2. Record your voicemail message and upload it to this assignment. (Remember not to read it to us. Speak naturally.)
  3. Review the voicemail messages of three of your peers.

Peer-graded Assignment: Email on Choice of Venues Solution

  1. Review this chart from Lesson 3:
Sky TowerMisha’s StudiosCascade Gardens
Numbers of Guests200200300
IncludesTables, chairs, clean up, WiFiTables, chairsTables chairs, audio-visual equipment
Does Not Include (Extra Charges)Audio-visual equipmentCleanup, audio-visual equipmentClean up, transportation
LocationDowntown20 minutes from downtownAn hour from Seattle
ParkingParking garage – payFree street parkingLots of free parking
SpecialViewArtOutdoor views

2. Imagine that you are planning a summer sales meeting for your sales team, which includes 200 sales people.

  • Make a decision about which venue you would choose.
  • Think about the reasons for your choice.

3. Write a professional email message to your supervisor, Katie Claire.

  • Tell her about your decision, using what you’ve learned in this lesson.
  • Tell her what information is in an attachments. (Don’t write the attachment)
  • Include a subject line.
  • Submit your assignment as a Word document or a PDF.

Peer-graded Assignment: Writing Emails in a Negotiation Solution

Read the included email, which is part of an email exchange negotiating a deal to host an event. Write the email that Kelly wrote to Steve before he sent the email below and then write the email from Kelly after she received Steve’s email. In the second email you will answer Steve’s questions and agree and confirm the agreement. You can submit both emails at the same time. Label the first EMAIL A and the second EMAIL B.



Response Email:

Dear Kelly:
Thank you for your prompt reply. Sorry that I wasn’t clear in my previous email. Regarding the question about what kind of entertainment, we would like to have a small band play for about two hours. I hope that is OK. And as for the total number of guests, I can confirm there will be no more than 150.  One of my friends told me that you offered her company a discount for her event because it was during the week.  Would you be able to offer something similar for us? 

I need to send a cost estimate to my supervisor, so would you be able to send me the total cost based on what we agreed before, and any discount you might offer us. 

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you soon.





Peer-graded Assignment: Voicemail Describing a Problem Solution

You are an event planner with Peacock Dreams and have been asked to organize an annual party for a client, Jen Sharpe. However, there have been some problems. Choose two of the following areas and think of a problem related to each one. Also think of at least one request that you can make related to these problems. Your number is 293-2031-2342.

  • Location
  • Delivery
  • Object
  • Money

Imagine you are calling Jen and leaving a message telling her about the problems and making your request. Record your message as an audio file and submit it.

To record on an Apple computer using QuickTime, follow the directions at this link:

To record on a Windows computer using SoundRecorder, follow the directions at this link:

Your assignment will be reviewed by other students in the course. If you would like specific feedback on your assignment, write your question here.

Review a least one other person’s message. Use the following to review .

Peer-graded Assignment: Recording a Voicemail Following up on a Problem Solution

You work in customer relations for a company that provides a service. One of your clients, Jill Bateman, has left a message with you complaining about a problem. First think of the name of your company and what service you provide. Then what the problem is, a reason for the problem, and a solution to the problem.

Imagine you are calling Jill back and leaving a message about the problem. Record your message as an audio file and submit it.

Peer-graded Assignment: To-do List Solution

Imagine a trade delegation from Seattle is visiting a company in your hometown. Imagine you are organizing an event for the visitors.


You may choose your own event.

First, you will complete a chart. Then follow the steps below to write a description of the event and a short to-do list. Use your notes in the chart to help you.

Your assignment will be reviewed by other students in the course. If you would like specific feedback on your assignment write your question on a separate page.

Peer-graded Assignment: Writing A Conference Announcement Solution

In this assessment you will write an announcement for a conference.

Imagine you are organizing a conference.

  1. Complete this chart on your own to help you write a conference announcement.
  2. Then follow the steps below to write a conference announcement. Use your notes in the chart to help you.

The table template is provided here.


I hope this Business English: Planning & Negotiating Peer-graded Assignment Solutions would be useful for you to learn something new from this Course. If it helped you then don’t forget to bookmark our site for more peer graded solutions.

This course is intended for audiences of all experiences who are interested in learning about new skills in a business context; there are no prerequisite courses.

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