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Client Needs and Software Requirements Peer-graded Assignment Solution

Get All Client Needs and Software Requirements Peer-graded Assignment Solution

This course covers practical techniques to elicit and express software requirements from client interactions.

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Peer-graded Assignment: Wireframes Assignment (Graded) Solution

In this assignment, you will be constructing a wireframe for a social media application. Use the following product description to construct a wireframe for the product. This should be a low-fidelity wireframe (not a mock-up), so no design elements should be present.

This social media application is called ShareIt. The product allows users to create posts about whatever they wish and share them with their followers. When a post is created, it will be displayed on the timeline of all the users that follow them. Next to the post, the users will see the profile picture of the user and the user’s display name. There is also a timestamp displayed with each post that shows the date and time that the post was created.

Followers are able to favourite posts. They will be able to access and read these later. Users are also able to search through all posts, so that they can find posts of a certain topic.

Peer-graded Assignment: User Stories Assignment: Stanley’s Problem, Part 1 (Graded) Solution


In this scenario, you will undertake a small project. You will meet a client from a company called Heap Exchange that is creating a question-answer website for the community of developers. In this course, you will have the opportunity to write user stories and create a product backlog with the client. In the next course, Agile Planning for Software Products, you will: estimate the stories, estimate velocity, and create a release plan. 

Read the provided scenario carefully and answer each question.


Our company wants to build a product that is a resource for developers. A metaphor for this product would be like having a room full of software experts at your disposal to ask questions for any issue you encounter.

On my application, developers ask questions to the community of developers. Experts or anyone from the community can respond to the question. Developers can comment on answers as well. Developers will be able to browse questions and search for questions based on keywords. When viewing a question, developers will also be able to see a list of similar questions that are related to the one they are viewing. 

Developers can up-vote if they agree with the answer, or down-vote if they disagree. This would sort answers to the question based on their validity–with the answers that receive the highest number of up-votes appearing at the top, and those with the lowest appearing at the bottom.

Each developer can have an account. Developers must have an account if they wish to ask questions or respond to questions and/or answers. Developers who ask a question can get notifications when someone answers it. Developers can browse questions without an account. They can also up-vote and down-vote answers without an account. A developer’s account can be updated to have a profile picture. The profile page shows all the questions that the developer has asked or responded to. A developer with an account can bookmark questions. They can also put a question into a watchlist — whenever someone answers this question, they would get a notification. 

There are some other features that we are thinking about adding and expanding, but we’ve decided to save it for future releases until we know our site works well with the current needs. 


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This course is intended for audiences of all experiences who are interested in learning about new skills in a business context; there are no prerequisite courses.

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