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Computer Engineering Sem 4 Microprocessor Question Bank Answers | MU

Computer Engineering Sem 4 Microprocessor Question Bank Answers By Mumbai University

Multiple Choice Questions

Q1) In protected mode of 80386, the VM flag is set by using

Option A: IRET instruction or task switch operation
Option B: IRET instruction
Option C: Task switch operation
Option D: NO

Q2) The instructions that are used for reading an input port and writing an output port
respectively are
Option A: MOV, XCHG
Option B: MOV, IN
Option C: IN, MOV
Option D: IN, OUT

Q3) While CPU is executing a program, an interrupt exists then it
Option A: follows the next instruction in the program
Option B: jumps to instruction in other registers
Option C: breaks the normal sequence of execution of instructions
Option D: stops executing the program

Q4) 8086 can access up to?
Option A: 512KB
Option B: 1MB
Option C: 2MB
Option D: 256KB

Q5) Because of Pentium’s superscalar architecture, the number of instructions that are
executed per clock cycle is
Option A: 1
Option B: 2
Option C: 3
Option D: 4

Q6) The paging unit is enabled only in
Option A: virtual mode
Option B: addressing mode
Option C: protected mode
Option D: Real Mode

Q7) In 8257 register format, the selected channel is disabled after the
terminal count condition is reached when
Option A: Auto load is set
Option B: Auto load is reset
Option C: TC STOP bit is reset
Option D: TC STOP bit is set

Q8)All the functions of the ports of 8255 are achieved by programming the bits of an
internal register called
Option A: data bus control
Option B: read logic control
Option C: control word register
Option D: Status Register

Q9) When non-specific EOI command is issued to 8259A it will automatically

Option A: set the ISR
Option B: reset the ISR
Option C: set the INTR
Option D: reset the INTR

Q10) For a single task in protected mode, the 80386 can address the virtual memory of
Option A: 32 GB
Option B: 64 MB
Option C: 32 TB
Option D: 64 TB

Q11) The recurrence of the numerical values or constants in a program code
is reduced by
Option A: EQU
Option B: ASSUME
Option C: LOCAL
Option D: LABEL

Q12) The hyperthreading technology automatically involves the
Option A: decrease of die area
Option B: increase of die area
Option C: decrease of die area to half
Option D: increase of die area to half

Q13) The 80386 enables itself to organize the available physical memory into pages,
which is known as
Option A: segmentation
Option B: Paging
Option C: memory division
Option D: Virtual memory

Q14) The number of debug registers that are available in 80386, for hardware debugging and
control is
Option A: 2
Option B: 4
Option C: 8
Option D: 16

Q15) The instruction, JMP 5000H:2000H;
is an example of
Option A: intrasegment direct mode
Option B: intrasegment indirect mode
Option C: intersegment direct mode
Option D: intersegment indirect mode

Q16) The salient feature of Pentium is
Option A: superscalar architecture
Option B: superpipelined architecture
Option C: superscalar and superpipelined architecture
Option D: multiple instruction issue

Q17) The speed of integer arithmetic of Pentium is increased to a large extent by
Option A: on-chip floating point unit
Option B: superscalar architecture
Option C: 4-stage pipelines

Q18) For 8086 microprocessor, the stack segment may have a memory block of a maximum
Option A: 32K bytes
Option B: 64K bytes
Option C: 16K bytes
Option D: 128K bytes

Q19) Which of the following is not a module of Pentium 4 architecture?
Option A: front end module
Option B: execution module
Option C: control module
Option D: Memory subsystem module


The type of the interrupt may be passed to the interrupt structure of CPU from
Option A: interrupt service routine
Option B: Stack
Option C: interrupt controller
Option D: Segments

Q21) The flag that is used in 8086 for string manipulation instructions is
Option A: AF
Option B: ZF
Option C: DF
Option D: CF

Q22) In 8086 microprocessor one of the following statements is not true.
Option A: Coprocessor is interfaced in Min mode
Option B: Coprocessor is interfaced in Max mode
Option C: 20 bit address bus
Option D: Supports pipelining

Q23) The BIU prefetches the instruction from memory and store them in
Option A: Queue
Option B: Register
Option C: Memory
Option D: Stack

Q24) Segment address, Offset address & Physical address are __ bits each in
Option A: 8, 8 & 16
Option B: 8, 16 & 20
Option C: 16, 16 & 20
Option D: 8, 8 & 8

Q25) The OUT DX, AX instruction present in 8086 microprocessor causes?
Option A: data retrieval from IO device
Option B: data transfer to memory
Option C: data transfer to IO device
Option D: data retrieval from memory

Q26) The instruction that unconditionally transfers the control of execution to the
specified address is
Option A: CALL
Option B: IRET
Option C: RET
Option D: JNZ

Q27) In PUSH instruction, after each execution of the instruction, the stack pointer is
Option A: incremented by 1
Option B: decremented by 1
Option C: incremented by 2
Option D: decremented by 2

Q28) In DMA if more than one channel requests service simultaneously, the transfer will
occur as
Option A: burst transfer
Option B: simultaneous transfer
Option C: Parallel transfer
Option D: multi transfer

Q29) When the SP(active low)/EN(active low) pin of 8259A used in buffered mode, then
it can be used as a
Option A: input to designate chip is master or slave
Option B: buffer disable
Option C: buffer enable
Option D: input to designate chip is master

Q30) In 8255, BSR mode is applicable for which port
Option A: Port A
Option B: Port B
Option C: Port C

Q31) Cascade PIC mode provides maximum how many interrupt levels in 8259
Option A: 8
Option B: 16
Option C: 63
Option D: 64

Q32) 80386 support which type of descriptor table from the following?
Option A: TDS
Option B: ADT
Option C: GDT
Option D: MDS

Q33) Which control registers of 80386 are associated with paging mechanism?
Option A: CR0, CR2, CR3
Option B: CR1, CR2, CR3
Option C: CR0, CR1 CR2
Option D: CR0, CR1 CR2,CR3

Q34) How many flags are active in flag register of 80386?
Option A: 9
Option B: 12
Option C: 13
Option D: 10

Q35) 80386 real mode have
Option A: Only overlapped segments
Option B: Either overlapped or non-overlapped segments
Option C: Only nonoverlapped segments
Option D: Paging

Q36) MESI protocol of Pentium comprises of
Option A: Mutual, Exclusive, Shared, and Invalid
Option B: Modified, Exhaustive, Shared, and Interactive
Option C: Modified, Exclusive, Shared, and Valid
Option D: Modified, Exclusive, Shared, and Invalid

Q37) The speed of integer arithmetic of Pentium is increased to a large extent by
Option A: 4-stage pipelines
Option B: superscalar and superpipelined architecture
Option C: superscalar architecture
Option D: on-chip floating point unit

Q38) In Pentium, the percentage of hits to the total cache access is given by
Option A: Hit Ratio
Option B: Accuracy
Option C: Efficiency
Option D: Precision

Q39) Which of this is not true for Pentium 4?
Option A: Hyperthreading (HT) gets illusion as if two processors are executing code in

Option B: Execution trace cache to store 12k micro-operation
Option C: 126 instruction window in instruction pool
Option D: Data Bus of 32 bit

Q40) Hyperthreading uses the concept of
Option A: Simultaneous multithreading
Option B: Distributed decoding
Option C: Multiple switching
Option D: Pipelining

41. 8086 supports __ s/w Interrupts
Option A: 2
Option B: 64K
Option C: 256
Option D: 8

42. After RESET is given to 8086 the content of CS is
Option A: FFFF0
Option B: 0000
Option C: FFFF
Option D: 0FFFF

43. If segment address = FF00 H, offset address = 00FF H, then the physical address
is _
Option A: FFFF0
Option B: 0FFFF
Option C: FF0FF
Option D: FFFFF

44. In 8086 size of pre fetch queue is
Option A: 6 Byte
Option B: 4 Byte
Option C: 4 Bit
Option D: 2 Byte

45. In an instruction, generally a destination operand is
Option A: Only Register
Option B: Only Memory location
Option C: Register or Memory location
Option D: Immediate data

46. MOV AX, FFFFH will affect
Option A: All flags
Option B: No flags
Option C: CY and AC flags
Option D: Zero flag

47. Which of the following instruction is not valid
Option A: MOV AX,1000H
Option B: MOV AH, BL
Option C: MOV DS, 0100H
Option D: MOV [SI], AX

48. __ stores the bits required to mask the IR lines of 8259
Option A: ISR
Option B: IMR
Option C: IRR
Option D: PR

49. The bus is available when the DMA controller receives the signal
Option A: HRQ
Option B: HLDA
Option C: DACK
Option D: INTA

50. If microprocessor has 10-bits address bus, then it can generate _____addresses.
Option A: 32767
Option B: 25652
Option C: 65536
Option D: 1024

51. In 8255 strobed input/output mode is
Option A: Mode 0 of I/O mode
Option B: Mode 1 of I/O mode
Option C: Mode 2 of I/O mode
Option D: BSR mode

52. Size of page in 80386 is
Option A: 1 Kb
Option B: 2 Kb
Option C: 4 Kb
Option D: 8 Kb

53. The 80386DX has an address bus of
Option A: 8 address lines
Option B: 16 address lines
Option C: 20 address lines
Option D: 32 address lines

54. In a selector if table indicator = 1 then it select
Option A: Local descriptor table
Option B: Global descriptor table
Option C: Trap gate
Option D: Task gate

55. The control register that stores the 32-bit linear address, at which the previous page
fault is detected is
Option A: CR0
Option B: CR1
Option C: CR2
Option D: CR3

56. Pentium floating point unit has
Option A: 2 stage pipelines
Option B: 4 stage pipelines
Option C: 8 stage pipelines
Option D: 16 stage pipelines

57. Due to the branch instruction, the incorrect instruction loaded into pipeline must be
discarded. This is called
Option A: Flushing
Option B: Bubble
Option C: Disturbance
Option D: Wrong entry

58. What lead to the development of MESI and MEI protocol ?
Option A: Cache size
Option B: Cache Coherency
Option C: Bus snooping
Option D: Number of caches

59. P4 has hyper pipelined technology with
Option A: 3 stages
Option B: 5 stages
Option C: 10 stages
Option D: 20 stages

60. Trace cache can store up to
Option A: 10 K decoded micro operation
Option B: 8 K decoded micro operation
Option C: 12K decoded micro operation
Option D: 4 K decoded micro operation

Computer Engineering Sem 4 Microprocessor Question Bank Answers by Mumbai University

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