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Creating Dashboards and Storytelling with Tableau Peer-graded Assignment Solutions

Get All Creating Dashboards and Storytelling with Tableau Peer-graded Assignment Solutions

Leveraging the visualizations you created in the previous course, Visual Analytics with Tableau, you will create dashboards that help you identify the story within your data, and you will discover how to use Storypoints to create a powerful story to leave a lasting impression with your audience.

You will balance the goals of your stakeholders with the needs of your end-users, and be able to structure and organize your story for maximum impact. Throughout the course you will apply more advanced functions within Tableau, such as hierarchies, actions and parameters to guide user interactions. For your final project, you will create a compelling narrative to be delivered in a meeting, as a static report, or in an interactive display online.

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Peer-graded Assignment: Creating a Dashboard Solution

Using the Superstore dataset provided, create a dashboard consisting of at least 2 KPIs, you identified in Module 2, that will be used to answer the business question for this project.

Applying KPIs


Your KPIs must apply at least one principle around KPIs learned in this Specialization, including:

  • Setting thresholds
  • Using hierarchies
  • Actions
  • Filters
  • Parameters to guide interactivity (if needed)

Your KPIs must also demonstrate use of at least two of the visual and cognitive principles covered in previous courses (ie., pre-attentive attributes; strategic use of color or contrast; effective use of language, labeling and scales; visual hierarchies, etc.).

For example, one could be a map (as shown below) that shows the range of discounts. Please describe which two KPI principles were used to create the dashboard, and how your KPIs demonstrate use of the specific visual and cognitive design concepts learned in this Specialization.

Other possible KPIs to consider for this project are:

  • Discounts per customer
  • Discounts by category
  • Discounts by segment
  • Discounts by quantity
  • Discounts by profit ratio

Peer-graded Assignment: Part 4: Story Points Presentation Solution

Please review the project brief, personas, and the work you have done to this point for parts 1-3.

Now, you will create the final deliverable for Sylvia to present your analysis to company stakeholders. Sylvia will ultimately be presenting these findings both on handouts as a single-frame visualization (optional activity), and in a multi-slide Story Points presentation to board members. The single-frame visualization will be included on hand-outs in the board meeting.

Use Story Points to Create an Annotated Presentation…

That Sylvia will use to present your findings and recommendations to the board. The story must consist of at least three story points and must explicitly answer the business question(s) in the project brief, specifically: are discounted orders more or less profitable than non-discounted orders?

Please reflect the specific needs of this audience in your design choices, and write a brief explanation of why you made the design choices you did.


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This course is intended for audiences of all experiences who are interested in learning about new skills in a business context; there are no prerequisite courses.

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