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Honors Peer-graded Assignment: Advanced SQL for Data Engineers Solution

Get Honors Peer-graded Assignment: Advanced SQL for Data Engineers Solution

For this hands-on assignment, you will be working on several real-world datasets available from the Chicago Data Portal. You will be asked questions that will help you understand the data just like a data engineer would. You will be assessed both on the correctness of your SQL queries and results.

You will write SQL code to create a view that limits the data available to a user, create a stored procedure that users can run to update Leader Icons in the table, and then enclose that update code in a transaction to ensure that if an error occurs, your data remains in a consistent state.

Follow the instructions in the assignment to complete all the problems. Then share the Queries and Results with your peers for reviewing.

Review criteria

There is a total of 20 points available for this project. The breakdown is as follows:

  1. Join – 3 points
  2. Join – 3 points
  3. Create a View based on two tables – 2 points
  4. Define a Stored Procedure – 2 points
  5. Within the Stored Procedure, create code to update a table – 2 points
  6. Within the Stored Procedure, add code for an IF statement – 2 points
  7. Test the Stored Procedure – 2 points
  8. Create and rollback a transaction – 2 points
  9. Execute and commit a transaction – 2 points

Points for each problem will be awarded as follows:

  • Full points: Used a correct SQL query that yielded a correct result.
  • Half or partial points: The query and results are partially correct.
  • No points: Did not attempt the problem or did not upload any solution.

Example Submissions

You must submit a screenshot (JPEG) showing your solution to each of the problems. The screenshot must clearly show the SQL query and results for the query. The screenshots will be uploaded in the following sections.

Here is an example of a submission clearly showing both the SQL query and its results/output, when executed from the Db2 console.

Honors Peer-graded Assignment: Advanced SQL for Data Engineers Solution

Answer 1.1:

answer 1.2.JPG

answer 2.1.png

answer 3.1.png

answer 3.2.png

answer 3.3.png

answer 3.4.png

answer 4.1.png

answer 4.2.png


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