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In which Node-RED node do you set the Mode field to run a prediction?

Question: In which Node-RED node do you set the Mode field to run a prediction?

  1. Build Payload Values function node
  2. Hardcoded test node
  3. Watson Machine Learning (WML) node
  4. Prediction Columns node

Correct Answers: 3

About Introduction to Machine Learning with Sound Course

Either way, you’ve come to right place. In this course, you’ll learn to create basic machine learning models that you train to recognize the sounds of dogs, cats, and birds. You’ll also integrate visual recognition to identify images of these animals.

You’ll build a basic user interface in Node-RED that shows the results of the predictions for both sound and images. You’ll use IBM Watson Studio to build classification models to predict and identify animal sounds and use IBM Watson Visual Recognition to identify images of those animals.

You’ll learn how best to gather and prepare data, create and deploy models, deploy and test a signal processing application, create models with binary and multiclass classifications, and display the predictions on a web page.

Introduction to Machine Learning with Sound


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