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Peer-graded Assignment: The Role of Work Solution

Instruction: Peer-graded Assignment: The Role of Work Solution

Read “A Job By Any Other Name” then consider what employee type would best characterize you. Write a 150-250 word response explaining your reasoning, based on the psychodemographic characteristics given in the reading.

Review criteria: Peer-graded Assignment: The Role of Work Solution

Everyone enrolled in the course must review at least three other submissions to ensure everyone receives a grade; however, many learners complete more to help their peers who are still waiting.

A Job by Any Other Name

As many societies become increasingly affluent, more and more people have the luxury of allowing work to fill a variety of roles in their lives. Studies conducted by Tamara Erickson and researchers Ken Dychtwald and Bob Morison suggest that work plays six general roles, which correspond to six types of employees, based on psychodemographic characteristics. Each worker segment cares deeply about several aspects of the employeeemployer relationship and little about the others.

Ideally, you should consider your salary requirements in advance of the interview. You need to think about what you have achieved, what you have to offer, and what you are worth to an employer. As you think about what would be an acceptable salary for you, keep in mind that many factors affect how much the company might offer.

If the company has had a difficult time finding the right candidate, for example, chances are that the perfect candidate could negotiate a higher salary than originally offered. However, if the company knows that many other qualified candidates are available and willing to take the offered salary, the company may not be willing to budge from a lower offer.5


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