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Peer-graded Assignment: Your Strengths as a Team Player Solution

Instruction: Peer-graded Assignment: Your Strengths as a Team Player Solution

Review the “Top Ten Qualities of an Outstanding Team Player.” Then choose your top three qualities and write 200-250 words describing the accomplishments that prove those qualities.

Review criteria: Peer-graded Assignment: Your Strengths as a Team Player Solution

Everyone enrolled in the course must review at least three other submissions to ensure everyone receives a grade; however, many learners complete more to help their peers who are still waiting.

Top Ten Qualities of an Outstanding Team Player

  1. Enthusiasm & Commitment
    An exemplary team member has enthusiasm for the organization and commitment for its
    cause. An outstanding team member stands behind the organization’s ideals, vision and
    mission. A team player knows when to put aside the differences for the common good.

2.Integrity is foundational and sets the parameters for the organization’s success. The higher
one’s integrity, the higher one’s success potential. An organization or a person can’t be
truly successful without integrity. Align your actions with your values for a high level of
fulfillment and integrity ­ an ideal team member’s actions reflect their commitment to the
organization and community.

  1. Competency
    When we work with competent people, we’re confident and trusting, knowing they’ll
    deliver quality. Because one person’s performance effects the functioning of the whole
    team, competency takes on great significance. Competency begets excellence; who can
    argue with that? Competency builds a strong team. Competency erases any cause for
    needless anxiety and is good for our mental health, as well as the health of the team.
  2. Creativity
    Creativity and “outside the box” thinking is key for organizational transformation and
    problem solving. Having creative thinkers on the team moves the organization forward in
    ways that can’t be anticipated. Nurture your creative instincts and don’t be afraid to share
    what you think might be unconventional ideas. Change would never occur if we didn’t have
    bold “outside the box” thinkers!
  3. Sense of Humor
    Lightness holds the team together as much as shared values and vision. Dedication and
    commitment to shared values doesn’t preclude team members from having fun! Lightness
    adds perspective and helps to keep team members balanced. Keep your life sane so you
    maintain your sense of humor; laughter is healing, healthy and fun!
  4. Perseverance
    Perseverance comes easily to those who are committed. When one is committed, one is
    steadfast in their belief of possibility. Nothing gets in the way of the vision. Obstacles are
    stepping-stones enroute to fulfillment of the vision. Never take your eyes off the vision ­
    work towards the goal so that nothing stands between your team and the goal/vision.
  5. Language
    Language is the conduit for growth and self-expression. While progress can happen
    without words, it’s language that brings forward our learning and experience. Language is
    the context for commitment. Language connects us and is a primary conduit for selfexpression.
  6. The Power of Questions
    Questions open communication; statements don’t. Outstanding team members are
    inquisitive by nature and are open to hearing other points of view. Team members who
    appreciate the power of questions demonstrate strong teamwork skills. Questions move
    the team (and organization) forward in both linear and non-linear ways.
  7. Reliability & Follow-Through
    When we give our word, we create an expectation for others. When we deliver, others
    consider us reliable ­ our word carries weight and means something. An ideal team
    member understands the power of the word and how strongly our integrity is based upon
    our word. Reliability is keeping your word, time and time again.
  8. Collaboration
    Collaboration is at its essence, contribution. It’s what happens when we “step outside of
    ourselves” and honor the space we share more than where we each individually come from.
    Collaboration is what we create when we come together. Strong team members value the
    power and synergy of collaboration.

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