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Which of the following is true about the try-except block?

The Question “Which of the following is true about the try-except block? is a part of Introduction to Python Final Exam Answers | Saylor Academy Course.

Question: Which of the following is true about the ‘try-except’ block?

  1. Multiple errors can be handled within a single ‘except’ block
  2. Each ‘try’ block must be associated with exactly one ‘except’ block
  3. The ‘except’ block will not execute unless the type of error is specified
  4. An ‘else’ block must be included for handling the case where no error occurs

Correct Answers: 1

About Introduction to Python | Saylor Academy Course.

This course uses the Python 3 programming language to introduce essential programming principles. Python 3 is a high-level interpreted language with several advantages, including syntax that is simple to understand and write and strong libraries that provide functionality. Even while Python 3 is a fantastic programming language for beginners, it is also widely utilized in engineering and data science applications.

This course is designed for people who have never programmed before or have very little programming expertise. Data types, control flow, functions, file operations, and object-oriented programming are among the subjects covered. When you’ve completed this course.

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