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Writing About Your Data Peer-graded Assignment Solution


Following completion of the steps described above, create a blog entry where you tell us what data set you have chosen and describe the association you would like to study (e.g. the two variables or topics you have chosen). Create a personal code book with only the variables you have chosen and keep this handy as you will use it extensively during each week of the course.

Review criteria : Writing About Your Data Peer-graded Assignment Solution


Your assessment will be based on the evidence you provide that you have completed all of the steps. When relevant, gradients in the scoring will be available to reward clarity (for example, you will get one point for submitting text that indicates an attempt to address the the criteria for each step, but two points for being clear). In all cases, consider that the peer assessing your work is likely not an expert in the field you are analyzing. You will be assessed equally for each step of the assignment.


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